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How to get Instagram to work for you

To express yourself in Instagram so that he will help you in your work, you need to know his rules. Marie Claire asked three TV presenters to share their Internet techniques.

Be friends with your subscribers

Choose your social network. If you are a blogger or an author of an online magazine, it means that you should feel comfortable in the given format. The format is the house.

A person can even make a dry format humorous, or philosophical, or feminine, or feminist. To paint the walls of this house, to hang on them the canvases of this or that artist. There are people who are good at the grassy places, others – in the halls of the times of Louis XIV, someone – in very simple, minimalistic buildings of the Bauhaus.

It is difficult for them to stay in the opposite type of interior for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to write on the topic in which you yourself are happy.

The audience is not just numbers. Even if the social network is monolithic in terms of age or income, the interests are different for everyone. You need to attract those who share your values. A blog is your personal media outlet.

The video on the network is 15 seconds. To be watched to the end, make it a clip-on. But the content is stronger than the format – on YouTube you can download even a long video, and it will be watched if it is very interesting.

It is necessary to comment and answer questions.

I love – for those who write like breathing, it’s a great thing. You make a page there, and very different people ask you questions. I got this resource from my son. In general, I have a list of links to all the resources I work with in the right corner of the site. Today I will play in Tumblr, tomorrow I’ll go to “VKontakte”, I’ll stay on Facebook and Instagram, because they mostly coincide with me. Thus, my aggregate audience on the Internet is 20 million people.

We need to translate our point of view. You are the representative and spokesperson for the audience to which your online publication is directed. It’s like in fashion. That’s me all the time asking how to find your style.

I give a banal answer: look in the mirror. The engineer, Toska from “The Girl,” dressed like a fatal temptress, is ridiculous. The actress can reincarnate, but an ordinary person has the same role in life, the same character.

He is a ready universe, and his powerful inner is manifested in the external. Therefore, it is necessary to understand very well who you are, and to reconcile with what you see in the mirror.

See your strengths and weaknesses and dress to play your trump cards. And while still considering who you are in this clothes go: to her husband, elderly boss, evil friend, best friend. The network is the same – you need to very carefully connect your inner world and your image in a social network.

First, you must coincide with the social network itself. Secondly, to find people who look at the world with your eyes.

Third, that you yourself should be interested in the information that fasts on your behalf. Then the people you need will share your enthusiasm for what you show them and say.

They will actively communicate with you, join their friends – friends, too, like the active life on their main pages.

There are two types of blogs: highly specialized and wide format. Choose the one closest to you.

Do not climb in the profile of a celebrity and ask to go off your page. I also get acquainted with my fans without it. With those who without servility, without exaltation expressed their reaction to what I have published.

Rima Ismagilova from Orenburg sends me information about me that she finds on the Internet (Facebook has a section called “Recent Publications from Others”).

Now I will work with her as a manager. Yaroslav Faschevsky – my friend on – became my assistant in the office. Valeria Guseva leads a fan club in VKontakte. Somehow Anton recently disappeared from St.

Petersburg, who took on the functions of my insistent defender on Facebook, passionately attacking all those who, in his opinion, touched my honor.

He was very annoying to the visitors of my page, but when he suddenly stopped meeting there, they got bored of him. Like, where is Anton, did something happen.

Trolls can not be killed – if you want your blog to live. Those who write about you disgusting, there are two types: under the nicknames and under their own names.

Those who are under their own names are especially valuable. 10% are always disposed negatively in relation to the object under study. If suddenly it’s not 10%, but more, it’s worth worrying.

Without this it is impossible, as it is impossible to weld soup without laurel leaves. If you swear, Hamit – block it. Just remember that the network concept of “offensive” of a different scale than in life – so take offense less.

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