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The right PR is when everything is within and worthy. Wrong – according to the old Soviet principle “it does not matter what they say about you, if only they say, but if they do not talk about you, then you forgot.” Straight Chekhov’s story: “Such and such fell under the horse” – “You saw me in the newspaper wrote! I’m a star! “No, it’s not.

Why they wrote about you that they wrote about you is more important than the very fact that they wrote about you.

There are no people who are not interested in what they say about them. Everyone is interested. Simply, some try to demonstrate deliberate indifference, and some, on the contrary, too much follow. Ignore the view from the outside.

Chase after him – too. Somewhere in these limits, and you need to hold on.

Independent compliments are much more pleasant than husky from friends. Friends of you automatically go off, because for them you are good for them anyway. Even if you’re not a good fellow. This can be called corporate friendship.

I’m not going to like everyone. It is important for me to understand the quality of the audience, not the quantity.

I have no illusions. Not with anything.

I suspect that people who have a high intellectual level and are well-educated are on the Internet much less than I would like. Fact.
The discussion on the Internet is monkey business. If a person does this skillfully, it can turn out funny.

But, as a rule, it does not work skilfully, and the correspondence slides into “yes, look at yourself” – “yes you went yourself!”. This is not a discussion.

Vocabulary should be replenished, so as not to throw out on the Internet its helpless emotions.

On the Internet it is necessary to pay attention to everything. For example, under the video of our group, which I posted, someone writes, “He’s not the same old idiot.”

I always answer very politely: “In any case, thanks for looking and taking the time to write a review.” And directly I feel how that person is changing in the person: “And you, are you reading everything? Yes, not, normally. I just do not listen to such music. ”

I have everything neatly on the wall.

I do not allow myself bloopers, errors in spelling and punctuation. Factual – even more so. The habit is this. I have been working with information for many years, and the publication on the wall for me is equal to a full-fledged publication in the press.


God forbid! Very few people will read it. I understand that there are people around me and, whoever it is, I have no right to hurt their feelings. You can write what you want in private messages, but do not do it publicly.

Before clicking the “Publish” button, I become a reader for a second and think that I should understand looking at this picture. If everything is correct, I publish.

I always know the answer to the question “Why?”.

If you do not know the answer, do not publish it. The usual actor’s task: came on the scene – tell me why. This does not mean that you can not upload photos like “I’m in shorts on the beach.” Publish everything that you like. Business master. Just know that everything works for your reputation. Let it be curious and interesting.

On which beach? What are you doing over there? With whom? To all understand that here, in Cyprus, a stunning beach and all (such and such, such and such, to list by name) an amazing mood.

Do not forget to put tags, and in the evening we add a publication about the main event – for example, a concert – and we get a wonderful photo-album about the trip.

Jetleg can make a charity event or go for a good fee to another city. Speak at a big concert with other bands or on a small club area.

During any activities and rehearsals, I try to take photos. In addition, I am photographed with guests, then to lay out the picture, sign “My beautiful friend N and I’m happy there, then, there.”

This draws attention to the event, to the institution, to the team, and this is another brick in the big wall of well-being of all listed.

Promote yourself, respect your audience, whoever it is – drunk punks or someone else.

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