Twitter acquires Fabula AI, a machine learning startup that helps spot fake news.

Twitter has acquired Fabula AI, a London-based startup that uses machine learning (ML) to help discover the spread of misinformation online.
Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed; however the acquisition will underpin a research group at Twitter led by Sandeep Pandey that will work toward finding new ways to leverage machine learning across natural language processing (NLP), recommendations systems, reinforcement learning, and graph deep learning. The group will also address ml ethics.

Founded in 2018, Fabula has developed a patented AI system it calls “geometric deep learning” — effectively algorithms that learn from massive and complex information sets gleaned from social networks.
“Fake news” has become an umbrella buzzword to describe the deliberate spread of misinformation; however Fabula AI is basically about helping identify the authenticity of any data that circulates on social media — despite intent. Studies have shown that false news spreads quicker than real news online, a pattern that can be used to help spot misinformation. This is what Fabula focuses on: detecting differences in how content is spreading on social media and allocating an authenticity score.

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